Photo Encaustic – Jan 17, 2024

M. Kathleen Warren presented a full-day Photo Encaustic Workshop at Chelsea Art Center. Participants chose photos from their personal collections to create mounted encaustic artwork on 5″ x 7″ and 8″ x 10″ prepared boards or canvases. The creative possibilities are endless and the techniques fascinating to learn. A follow-up workshop will be offered so… Continue reading Photo Encaustic – Jan 17, 2024

A Peek Inside Chelsea Art Center Classrooms- August 3, 2023

Students at Chelsea Art Center enjoy the creative atmosphere, ample workspace, and individual attention from instructors. Here is a peek into our classrooms this past week, Oil Painting with Michellle Curry, Drawing with instructor Michelle Curry, and Pet Portraits in colored pencil with Lindy Thomas. Plenty of Aha! moments were overheard! Colored pencil students worked… Continue reading A Peek Inside Chelsea Art Center Classrooms- August 3, 2023

Oil Painting Course Update

Michelle Curry’s 10-week Oil Painting students are making strides. I caught them mid-stroke in the studio today. Below is a peek at their their unfinished masterpeices. Michelle’s six 10-week courses (Watercolor, Acrylic, Oil, Colored Pencil, Drawing and Pastel) repeat four times a year. You may register for Michelle’s September courses now.

Gelli-Plate Printing, July 8, 2023

Instructor, Melle Broaderick Photos contributed by Melle Broaderick If you hesitated because you wondered what’s a !! Gelli-Plate? you missed a great afternoon! Love to create? Join us at Chelsea Art Center. You’ll make new friends and for a few hours, totally immerse yourself in making art. Here are a few pics of the Gelli-Plate… Continue reading Gelli-Plate Printing, July 8, 2023

Update- June 20 -29, 2023

All is going well. Julie Garisto wrote a very nice article about Chelsea Art Center for the June 23 issue of Ocala Gazette. A link to the digital version of the publication is here. Thank you, Julie! Your article is pointing new visitors toward Chelsea Art Center. TAGS 202 with Melle Broaderick Drawing and Oil… Continue reading Update- June 20 -29, 2023

First Week of Classes!

Tuesday, June 13, 2023 Tags 202 with Melle Broaderick 1-3 pm This is a series of fun classes for the paper crafter with some experience. Tags can be used on gift bags or packages, tucked into a card, used for a bookmark or just kept and displayed to remember the thoughtfulness of the giver. Tags… Continue reading First Week of Classes!